If its on the internet it must be true.....right?

         So over the past several years we have been forced as many to deal with the site known as yelp. For a while we groaned each and every time we received a review that we knew was either totally made up or it was told in a fashion that would cast a shadow over the truth. So as of late we have decided that we have just had enough.

We are honest and God fearing people. We have never claimed to be any more or less.

         We equally appreciate and welcome everyone’s opinions. In that light, we don’t claim to be perfect and being devoted Christians does not make us better than anyone else. It simply means we believe we are held accountable to a higher power for our actions and wish to treat all with respect to the best of our ability. If we have fallen short......we apologize, but always do our best to make it right.

SO, all of that being said, for those who keep shoving the yelp site at us and all of its "bad" reviews, let’s just check the score shall we? Because if it’s on the internet it MUST be true, right?

         Yelp has five reviews they "recommend" at all times on their front page and in the following pages are all the reviews that are not recommended but searchable. Our company has NEVER in the 6 years of being a part of yelp had a positive review that was recommended. The following images are screenshots directly from yelps website which shows our 31 positive reviews as well as some of our customers who left 1 star positive reviews attempting to help.... lol its laughable at best that a company can have such a cavalier attitude about businesses they don’t own....


       Just a side note about yelp... the links below will show they are not honest, have tons of complaints about themselves and lost a $450,000 lawsuit because of their actions......... 

There is always going to be those who say bad things about us but through the Grace of God and the strength of our family we persevere.   Romans 3:10