Our purebred puppies are AKC or APRI or CPR registered. They are outgoing, loving, smart and best of all.......PUREBRED! Size depends on parents size so don't forget to ask. Some of our pups are Champion bred. 






The Pom has an independent nature and can be reserved toward strangers but is loyal and affectionate to those they love. The Pom adapts well to different living situations and can be happy in an apt or home. Loving and sweet to their family, the Pom makes a great companion for your family. They are great with chilcren and our 6 year old granddaughter Olivia agrees!!



Pattycake has a darling litter that will be ready for Christmas! Ask about making one of them your best gift under the tree!!



We all love our Chihuahuas!! We breed all the colors, black, blue, chocolate, red, dapple and piebald colors. We will post the expected size of our Chihuahuas on the ad or when we email you, but our Chihuahua's can range from 3 pounds grown to 8 pounds grown.  They make great companions and are very loving to their owners. Some breeders won't place small Chihuahuas with people who have small children. We think small children are great companions for small pets as long as the children understand that they can hurt or cause death to ANY puppy by being too rough. Our babies are AKC and APRI registered!


Our Champion bred Dew has outstanding litters. Dew is the grandson of CH Mina's Sunday Ticket and CH Envi's First In Line At Serenity'S-L. He has many Champions on his 4 generation pedigree. They are appleheads with long and short hair. We have no puppies available at this time. Sorry. 


 Yorkshire Terriers become attached to their families, but most maintain some measure of independence. They have a boisterous Terrier personality that far exceeds their small size. Yorkies are lively, bold, and intelligent (scoring in the top third in dog intelligence tests). They bark when they sense danger and are very loyal.