Our Designer Breeds are all F1 or first generation bred, unless otherwise stated. That means mom and dad are purebred registered dogs. Cockapoos, Cavoodles, Yorkiemixs and Maltipoos are all very good family companions. They love children, are smart and easy to train and they are devoted to family.


Enjoy the pics right below of past pups so you may see a color or breed you just can't live without!






Our Cockapoo babies are bred from an American Cocker and a Mini Poodle.  They are usually 15 to 18 pounds grown. They are great all around companions, love children and get along well with other animals. Our Cockapoos are CPR and ICA registered. Depending on color, size and gender our Cockapoos are $795 to $1195 everything included!!


                      We have Cockapoo babies available! 

               Reserve the puppy you love with a $300 deposit! 

Put the cursor over the puppy pic to see if it's available and price. 



Hannah's Cavoodles or Cavapoos available

Our Cavoodle or Cavapoo babies are first generation bred from King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and Mini or Toy Poodles. The parents of our Cavoodles/Cavapoos are between 8 and 14 pounds. Our babies are usually 10 to 12 pounds grown, unless otherwise stated. These dogs are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. They are magnificent family pets, great with children, playful without being overbearing and charming to the core. Our pups are ICA registered. Our pups are priced by color, size and gender and are $1295 to $1895 everything included!!


Our ruby, chocolate, cream and blenhiem colored babies ready in Jan. You can reserve one with a $500 deposit and the pay the balance when the puppy is ready. See pics above for colors of past pups or below for available puppies now. 




ll available The Morkie is a lively, spirited, intelligent and loving dog. The mix of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier usually produces a lively, playful dog devoted to its family with a loving sweet nature. The Morkie loves to play or curl up on the couch for a nap and requires frequent human companionship. They are priced by color, size and gender and are $695 to $995 everything included!!!

The MALTIPOOS is energetic, happy, brave, and intelligent. They are alert, loving, cheerful, and very clever. Maltipoos make great family companions. The Maltipoo wants to be involved in family activity. It makes a great companion. They are fairly active, but not as hyper as some other small breeds. They are priced by color, size and gender and are $1095 to $1495 including everything!!! 


 Both of the " DESIGNS" get along well with strangers, children, dogs, and other pets. Our pups range from 4 to 8 lbs, depending on the sizes of the parents.  A $300 deposit will hold one of our darling pups for your family!



                       We last updated pups pics on 8/20/2017