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Our family has a great time together. We are sharing some family time with you in hopes of showing you how God's love has made us a "real family". The love we share for each other is the same love the Lord shares with us. He does it perfect, of course....we just do our best! We pray you can see His light shine in all of us and we hope to be "a city on the hill" for Him.

"The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him. Thy father and thy mother shall be glad, and she that bare thee shall rejoice" Proverbs 23


In 1995, Tom and I, Debra, felt a calling by our Lord Jesus to help orphaned children. We started adopting in 1995 and our family has grown from four children to 28 children, 28 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter!

We live on a 60 acre farm in a small Northeastern Missouri town. We are surrounded by God's beauty!  Our longing to be closer to the Lord's beautiful creations and raise our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the country, brought us here.


Our family owns and operates a small State licensed kennel. We raise all of our own puppies and have raised most of our adults too! We are involved in every aspect of our business from assisting with the births, choosing food and medicines, grooming and doing the clean up to playing with the moms, dads and babies.


 Everyone in our family helps make our farm unique in many ways. Our puppies are very socialized and outgoing. We have more than one breed because we have more than one child. Every child wants something of "their own". The children own the moms and dads and love "their" babies from birth until the day your family takes over!


 We are very close to our vets, always asking for and using his/her advice and assistance in every aspect of our program. Our mission is to find the best families for our puppies. We loved them first!!! They go straight from our loving arms to yours, never going to pet stores or puppy brokers.


     We are a loving family that owns, responsibly breeds, trains and shows our own dogs. All of our mommy and daddy dogs live with us. We NEVER sell someone else's puppies. And we very firmly advocate against such places where animals are kept in unsanitary, often unsafe conditions and used only as tools for profit. We love our dogs and they are our very loved pets, every one of them!


We'd like to share our lives with you...............

so look around.  




In May of 2005, our son Joshua Thomas approached a lovely young Christian girl's father to ask permission to court his daughter with the intention of marriage. After an examination of Joshua's character, doctrinal knowledge and heart, this father approached his daughter.

On July 2, 2005 she said yes!


On February 12, 2006, our son Joshua asked Kathryn to marry him.....she said YES again!!!


With the Lord's blessing on June 23rd, 2007, they were united as one in front of their family, friends and the good Lord above. Then on June 11th 2008, they received their first blessing from God, a daughter, Kristin Ann.


At our family Christmas party our sweet Joshua and Katie announced that Kristin will be a big sister in the summer of 2009!! Their second blessing came! Joseph Thomas was born on August 23rd and he is all boy.


On Jan.14th 2011 our sweet Gabriella Joy was born!! What an awesome God we serve. Ella, as we call her, is healthy and happy and mom reports she is such a joy. Kristin and Joey think she's the best and she's already a 'daddy's girl". 


On Aug. 28th 2013 Daniel Stephen was born!! He is all boy and loves his brother and sisters!! Praise God!!


Thank you Jesus for all of the wonderful blessings being bestowed upon us all!



Summer of 2012 found our son Mark meeting a younglady named Kate. She is a delightful Christian younglady raised in a large loving family. Like our son Mark, she was saving herself for one special person whom the Lord has made for them.  


In August of 2012 our 25 year old son Mark, asked her father if he could have his permission to enter into a supervised courtship for the purpose of marriage. This father said yes and so did Kate! We were soooo excited. 


Then on Feb.13th of 2013 Mark asked Kate to enter into a lifetime covenant with him and God.  She accepted his hand in marriage. Then came months of preparation for marriage. Mark getting instructions from his mother and father and Kate as well being instructed by her parents. Mark and Kate also took marriage instructions from our Pastor. They wanted to enter into their marriage pure and untouched. 


The couple were united in marriage before friends, family and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on September 28, 2013 at a Cowboy Wedding. They truely love each other and have made a lifetime commitment to God, family and each other!! 





Through this website, we hope to share our family and our relationship with the Lord, so that you and your family might know the power and love of Jesus. If we can, in any way, share our family and beliefs with you in order to help or encourage you, please feel free to call or email.