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We are Cornerstone Farms, home of the Ritter Family! We've been showing, training and breeding for over 30 yrs. We offer references and a lifetime of puppy support. We are State, AKC and Vet inspected yearly. We aren't perfect, but give it our best! We raise only socialized healthy happy puppies! We have a Vet Tech and Professional Groomer available 24/7 at our farm. Our pupppies are utility, therapy, companion and show dogs, all over the world!


We are a loving family that owns, responsibly breeds, trains and shows our dogs. We very firmly advocate against such places where animals are kept in unsanitary, often unsafe conditions and used only as tools for profit. Our entire family is dedicated to continuing our education in matters pertaining to our industry. We love learning and want to be "up to date" on health, care and regulations related to our K-9 companions! We love our dogs and they are our pets, every one of them!

We love Jesus too!!!



Look at our video and get to know us.

We think you'll agree that both

 our family and kennel are VERY unique.